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Liquor, clothing stickers, household appliances, cosmetics, electronic toys, medicines, health products, daily chemical washing, food and beverages, petrochemical lubricants
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If the material is clear PVC/PP/PE/PP/Vinyl, Here are two notes:
1. White colour doesn't exist in normal full colour processing because all the white areas are converted to the clear stock itself. However, it is possible to produce white colour on clear by adding an extra process.
2. When using the clear labels on a dark background, the colours do not stand out very well.
So, in this case, we recommend the white colour process to be done underneath the colours for it to stand out clearly.
Item :adhesive Gold Stamping Label ,Gold Foil Adhesive Label Printing;custom hot stamping lable
Material :PET, PVC, PE, PP,BOPP. Vinyl, Art coated paper, synthetic paper, etc.Any customized material as client`s requirement.
Thickness :25#, 50#, 54#, 75#, 95#, 100#, 150#, 200#.
Feature: Eco-friendly,nontoxic,waterproof, tearproof, good in quality,oil resistent.
Surface : Finished Glossy or matt lamination, hot foil stamping, UV finishing, embossing, Matte or Glossy Oil Varnishing, etc.
Adhesive: Normal, strong, permenant, removable.
Color: Blank, black, Full CMYK colour or Pantone colors.
Packaging : In Rolls woked for auto matic labelling machine.Or in sheets cutting.
Size : Accept customized size. Minimum size: 10mm x 10mm
Shape : Rectangle, Round, Diamond, Customized shapes.
MOQ : We do not have a strict reuqirements on MOQ, price will be.
Quoted : Based on customized size/painting/quality.
Delivery time : Normally 4-5 working days, if urgent, we can deliver it within 24 hours!

Product DescriptionProduct Description

Transparent label, transparent adhesive: transparent film, good waterproof property, transparent.Transparent dragon PET/PVC label has excellent inking performance and wide application range.High temperature resistance, waterproofing, anti-oil, scratch-proof and anti-corrosion properties of chemicals, with high transparency and strong tear resistance.

Product Description

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