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Company Culture

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We are a team full of responsibility and passion for customers. We advocate learning, good at innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service, and advocate win-win, to ensure that the fastest time, best service, and maximum satisfaction of customer needs, Continuously contribute to China's informatization construction.


imgOur mission

·Promote the development of printing technology and lead the printing trend

·Let the deep integration of machines and printing promote social progress


Our vision

·Create China's first-class printing brand

·To be a sustainable high-growth enterprise


Our core values

·People-oriented, adhere to integrity, implement change, focus on performance


Our service philosophy

·Acutely grasp application trends and quickly meet customer needs

·Customer-centric, beyond customer satisfaction


Our ten standards

·Diligent and dedicated, honest and honest, brave and loyal, optimistic and confident, advocating learning

·Proactive, innovative, dedicated, full of passion, value cooperation, host spirit

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Contact phone:

Wu Zifeng
13710372520 | 18988902755

Service Hotline:


Address: Room 203, No. 14, Huahui Road, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou


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